About Us

Cook and Bake with Ankita:

The best place for cooking lovers,
Where you explore the joys of cooking,
Where food comes to life…

We aim to “Find the chef in you”. Living up to this motto, we would consistently work to discover the artist in you by providing simple yet precise recipes, cooking techniques, handling of ingredients, interesting variations in recipes and innovating new styles etc.; all these in a very professional yet informal ambience.

Our classes and courses allow you to enjoy the culinary experience from different perspectives: at times, you would be in a relaxing interactive class; at other times, you would be rolling up your sleeves and joining in a hands-on session. The cuisines we offer range from Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Mughlai, South Indian, Indian curries etc; you would become masters of starters, snacks, soups, salads, main courses, desserts, cakes and much more.

Our cooking classes are held in small groups of 6-8 people ensuring individual attention in a homely atmosphere, making learning fun and exciting. Easy-to-understand, printed recipes are given, so that learning and practicing gets adequate time rather than taking notes.

Let’s acquire good cooking skills and techniques.
Let’s be wizards turning raw food stuff into a yummy delicacies.
Let’s love cooking more and more.
Come! Join us! Let’s have fun!

About the Course

  • Classes generally begin with a discussion, move on to the kitchen for cooking, then back to table for tasting
  • It’s a personalized learning experience with just 6 -8 students per class
  • Course duration range from 1 -3 days and each session is of 2 ½ hours to 3 hours
  • Step by step demonstration of each recipe in the class
  • High quality detailed handouts are provided. Memorizing is a thing of past
  • Classes are held in a fully equipped modern class room
  • Delicacies prepared in class are distributed among the students
  • Students are free to make class related queries even after the class hours. (Between 3PM to 6PM)

How to Join

  • Drop us a sms: You get enrolled
  • Drop us a sms or give us a ring, one day prior: Your attendance is confirmed

*We also offer custom designed classes for individuals or groups tailored to their specific requirements.